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Bond Cleaning Brisbane: Eliminate Bacteria from your Bathroom

Bond Cleaning Brisbane is a cleaning service in Brisbane that is utilized by tenants who are moving out and who wish to clean the property in order to recover their bond from the landlord. Bathroom Cleaning Brisbane is a service that is included in the general bond cleaning services provided by GS Bond Cleaning Brisbane.

Why Cleaning the Bathroom is Important

Bathrooms are used so often by so many people that they become a host to bacteria and a source of infection. In the interest of health and hygiene, it becomes necessary to clean and disinfect the bathroom in order to eliminate disease-producing bacteria.

 The bathroom is an important room in the house and bathroom cleaning is an integral part of bond cleaning. A step-by-step guide to bathroom cleaning as undertaken by Bathroom Cleaning Brisbane is provided in this blog.

Removing Clutter

The best way to begin cleaning the bathroom is to eliminate clutter. Creating space in the bathroom is the first step before cleaning the various surfaces. Accordingly, we remove all the articles on the countertops, shelves and bathtub.  The expiry dates on the various items are noted and those that cannot be used are tossed out.


Hair fall takes place in the bathroom and strands of hair accumulate on all the bathroom surfaces. Hence Bathroom Cleaning Brisbane finds it is necessary to use a vacuum cleaner in the bathroom as an initial step in the cleaning.

Scrubbing Surfaces

It is necessary to scrub all the surfaces in the bathroom including the shower floor and to use a disinfectant spray to sanitize the surfaces. This will help to create a hygienic environment in the bathroom.

Cleaning the shower

The mould that has collected on the walls and floor of the shower is removed by Bathroom Cleaning Brisbane using a simple homemade cleaning solution. A cleaning spray is used on the shower doors while the shower curtains are washed in the washing machine.

Cleaning the Toilet

The toilet is thoroughly cleaned using a toilet cleaner and a brush on the inside of the toilet. A disinfectant spray is used on the exterior surface of the toilet.

Cleaning the Floors

Vacuuming the floors is not sufficient; they are deep cleaned using a bleach solution.

The detailed cleaning of the bathroom described is necessary for personal hygiene and supporting health and cleanliness within the bathroom. Bathroom cleaning is undertaken by Bond Cleaning Brisbane as part of its bond cleaning effort. Since regular cleaning of the bathroom is not sufficient, the bathrooms are deep cleaned during a bond clean.

Bond Cleaning as a Mandatory Practice

Bond cleaning is a regular practice as it is mandated by law. It is mandatory for a tenant who is moving out to hand over the property in good condition to the landlord. If he performs an inadequate cleaning job, he will forfeit a part or all of his bond money. To avoid such a financial loss, it is necessary to hire a professional cleaning service. Bond Cleaning Brisbane performs a comprehensive cleaning service and guarantees the return of your bond in full.

Skilled workers

Bond Cleaning Brisbane has highly skilled workers who are trained in their profession. They are knowledgeable about modern methods of cleaning and use state-of-the-art equipment. They carry their own cleaning kits containing professional-grade cleaning materials. They bring to the job their expertise and experience and perform a complete cleaning service.

Inspection Expertise

The system of inspection of rented property is extremely demanding but Bond Cleaning Brisbane is familiar with the expectations of estate agents and landlords and we often act as liaisons between them and our customers.


Bond Cleaning Brisbane is a socially responsible service dedicated to protecting the environment. We use cleaning materials that are ecologically safe and non-toxic so they can do no harm to the house or the immediate environment.

Unique Cleaning Protocol

Bond Cleaning Brisbane has a unique cleaning protocol as we conduct a primary inspection of the property before the actual cleaning to assess its condition.  All spots and stains are duly noted and an action plan is devised for their cleaning which leaves the house looking spotless and new.


Bond Cleaning Brisbane is a budget-friendly service with prices reasonable enough to suit the average citizen. Recognizing the high expenditure of moving out we seek to make the cost of our service modest so that it is within reach of the ordinary consumer.

Customer-oriented Service

Bond Cleaning Brisbane is a service that gives the highest priority to the needs of the customer. Our friendly and supportive staff welcomes feedback from the customer and addresses all complaints. Customer satisfaction has resulted in favourable reviews which have made us a premier cleaning service in Brisbane.

In conclusion, it may be said that Bond Cleaning Brisbane is a professional cleaning service that will meet all your cleaning needs and transform your house. Call us to book an appointment.

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